Beauty product for all skin types?

Imagine that you can master the perfect make up without spending so much time picking the beauty products that will flatter your complexion. Wouldn’t life be much easier? We do not realize how long it takes to choose the right foundation, bronzer, eye shadow, ...Read More

Colourful Khol liner from Maybelline

It is not easy to draw a perfect line on the eyelid. Maybelline came forward and has recently released a new product Master Kajal Khol. It is now available in three colours: lapis blue, oriental gold, dark green and pitch black. It is advertised ...Read More

Long Lashes with Nanolash!

I was very excited to try eyelash serum as my lashes were short, fine, and stubby and I was looking for something that will make them look better. Before I bought Nanolash Serum, I needed to take a few things into consideration. First of ...Read More