Colourful Khol liner from Maybelline

It is not easy to draw a perfect line on the eyelid. Maybelline came forward and has recently released a new product Master Kajal Khol. It is now available in three colours: lapis blue, oriental gold, dark green and pitch black. It is advertised ...Read More

Wonder’full eyes from Rimmel

Rimmel was not discouraged by the recent unfavourable reviews of its products, and it has released a brand new mascara that is supposed to hit the market. ‘The Wonder’full’ mascara has an innovative formula enriched in Argan Oil. Famous Argan Oil is great for ...Read More

Does Lancome brow pencil work?

How many brow pencils have you already tried? Were you lucky to find any good one? If not, take a closer look at the newest Lancome ‘Le Crayon à Sourcils’. This well-established cosmetic company is known for longlasting, high quality products. Women have been ...Read More

Smokey Eyes from Bourjois

Smokey Eye is one of the few looks that is always in fashion. We are never tired of it and it looks good on anybody. Droopy eyelids, small eyes – it all can be corrected with this amazing eye make-up. It gives our gaze ...Read More

Cream Waterproof Eyeshadows

Would you like your make up to be intact, even when the weather condition is extreme? Many of the mascaras are already waterproof but not many eye shadows are equally durable. We like going out on the beach with the bright, intense eye make-up. ...Read More