Beauty Sleep

You probably heard that good quality sleep makes you feel healthier. During the sleep your body and skin get into the repair mode. Your old cells are being replaced by the new ones and toxins are excreted. It is not enough to go to bed and stay there until morning. If you follow a few rules however, your night sleep will positively influence your health and

Make your bed properly. Sleeping in satin or silk sheets may sound like a whim, but there is a reason behind it. A soft, satin cover on your pillow is kinder to your skin, and most importantly, to your hair. It helps to keep your locks detangled and frizz-free. Remember to change your bedding frequently to keep your sleeping area hygienic.

  1. Avoid colourful and synthetic sheets. It may seem difficult to get a white, plain covers when there is such a choice of pattern and covers in shops. It is important to know that dyes on your duvet can irritate sensitive skin.
  2. Lay flat on your bed to encourage full body blood circulation. If you keep your pillow high, blood will not penetrate your face area well. This may result in you waking up with a dark circles under your eyes and saggy skin.
  3. Eat supper at least 4 hrs. prior to your bed time. It is easier to fall asleep when your stomach is empty. Your body can focus on regeneration rather than on digestion.
  4. Do not consume alcohol before going to sleep. Any amount of alcohol dries out your skin making your dehydrated. You are likely to wake up with a killer hangover and with new wrinkles on your face. Instead, drink a glass of water or warm milk for effective melatonin release.
  5. Do not oversleep. It is always better to take a short nap at noon, than to sleep until 11am. There is no way you can bank sleep.

If you wake up tired and you are not happy with your reflection in a mirror, it is high time to change your bedtime habits. Try it for a week and look how your skin blossom.

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