Cheap, home treatement that will make your lips pout

Do look at Angelina Jolie’s lips with jealousy? Are your lips narrow and small? Don’t worry. If you think that only the plastic surgery of Botox can change it, you are wrong. Having lips enlarged by the invasive and painful cosmetic treatments may be more permanent but at the same time they bear a huge risk for our health. There is no need to mention that they cost an arm and a leg!


You can change the size of your lips in a cheaper and safe way in your own home.

The first thing you can do to make your lips appear bigger, is massaging them with the soft toothbrush. This will promote faster blood circulation and as a result our lips become fuller and have an bright red colour. After the massage, apply the lip balm and a gloss which make them pop even more.

Lips scrub is another great technique that help enlarging your lips. All you need to prepare your own scrub, is honey and a teaspoon of small crystal sugar. Mix it together and gently rub it in your lip skin. Sugar helps to get rid of the exfoliated, dry skin, whereas honey moisturizes and nourishes the skin making your lips look bigger.

The last homemade lip treatment is using all kinds of herb and spices based balms. Have you noticed how your lips ‘grow’ and ‘swell’ before you finish eating your favorite hot curry. Some spices like: cinnamon, chili, and pepper slightly irritates and warms up the skin giving you bounteous lips. Mix a small amount of olive or coconut oil with the spice of your choice and apply it on your lips for 2 min. Then rinse it off with cold water and apply a lip balm. This technique will give you abounding lips for at least 2 hours.

The last and the more popular way to correct the shape of narrow lips is to line it with a lip pencil. To make it look natural, the lip pencil and the lipstick needs to be in the same colour. Draw outline just outside of your normal lip line. Then, apply juicy lipstick on and top the center of your lips with the coat of gloss to create an illusion of pout lips.

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