Does Lancome brow pencil work?

How many brow pencils have you already tried?

Were you lucky to find any good one? If not, take a closer look at the newest Lancome ‘Le Crayon à Sourcils’. This well-established cosmetic company is known for longlasting, high quality products. Women have been raving about this amazing beauty product for a couple of weeks. Let’s check if it really as good as they

‘Le Crayon à Sourcils’ is a special pencil that is designed for the precise brow shaping and filling. The sharp end of the pen will make you draw perfect arches and with the use of attached small brush at the other end, you can evenly distribute the product to get the natural look. Finding the right shade won’t be a problem as we have 4 different ones available. You can choose from blond, chatain, brun and noir. We all know how important it is to match the right shade to the colour of our natural brow hair. There is nothing worse than gross, cartoonish looking brows on the pale complexion. This time both light heads and redheads are bound to find the right tone.

The pencil’s consistency is creamy, yet, hard. Texture is smooth, not waxy, or clumpy like most pencils. We have an impression that it glides on the skin but at the same time gives accurate and defined lines. The product is rich-pigmented so you do not have to go over and over your brow arch to fill it in. It makes the pencil efficient and it will last you for a good couple of months of daily usage. What’s more, the pencil does not melt under the fingertips and does not smudge. You can wear it for the whole day and it will always stay in place. The producer says that the pencil is not waterproof so it should be worn in the swimming pool with consideration.

If not for the price, there would not be any drawbacks to the ‘Le Crayon à Sourcils’. Unfortunately, it costs high above the average brown pencil price. However, taking into consideration the fact that it is the best pencil on the market and that it will last long, it seems like good value for money.

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