Long Lashes with Nanolash!

I was very excited to try eyelash serum as my lashes were short, fine, and stubby and I was looking for something that will make them look better. Before I bought Nanolash Serum, I needed to take a few things into consideration.

First of all , I have a super sensitive skin. The eye area does not tolerate any kind of chemical stuff in creams or eye shadows. I really wanted to go with the brand that has safe and gentle product.

The second thing was, I didn’t want this to break the bank. This kind of products can cost upwards of a 100GBP and this was far too expensive for me. If you get an expensive serum and you will like it, that means that you will end up spending astronomical sum of money every couple of months to sustain results.

It is said that Nanolash is

  1. ophthalmologist-tested and clinically proven
  2. strengthened and lengthened lashes after four weeks of usage
  3. top ratings of satisfied customers all over the world
  4. the best solution for sensitive eyes
  5. manufactured in the approved laboratory

That is how after a week searching the internet I found Nanolash eyelash conditioner.

eyelash serum nanolash
eyelash serum

The price is affordable and it has been proved to be safe and side effects-free. I thought that if it work well, then I am willing to do 39GBP investment in my lash health when the first tube is finished.

After 🙂

Nanolash efect

After using Nanolash

It works amazingly well. My lashes are much darker and stronger. Lesser are falling out and most importantly, they are very long. They become thick and rock hard. I honestly didn’t expect such a dramatic change in their appearance. It is gentle on my skin and doesn’t cause any irritation. My husband laughs that I should order a multipack of Nanolash so he can rub it all over his head to have his hair back.

Have you got any experience with Nanolash or any other eyelash Serum?


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