Nanobrow: To grow stunning brows! Did it work for me too?


Honestly, I used to spent a fortune on permanent brow makeup. Today, I apply eyebrow serum regularly. My fave one is Nanobrow. Are you curious how it all started and what effects Nanobrow created on my face? Continue reading.

Over two years ago, or so, I decided that it would have been great if I hadn’t occupied my mind with one thought: ‘Have I managed to apply brow makeup evenly today?’ Thus, I went for having permanent makeup done. Costly, yet long-lasting. Nevertheless, when the pigment had started to fade away, my eyebrows didn’t look as good as they used to do. It was plain to see that the brow hairs were thin, fair and weak. I’m not sure whether I should have put the blame on permanent makeup or not, but I already made my mind – I’ll never ever let the needle pierce my face again. That being said, I was sure that I had to take care of my brows and restore their good state. To me, full-looking brows are just amazing. And this is how my adventure with Nanobrow, the advanced eyebrow serum, began.

The best of the best

I haven’t tested many eyebrow serums. I guess there had been only three other brow enhancers that I had the opportunity to use before I came across Nanobrow. All of them differed in terms of price, ingredients and even applicators. And none of them gave me the effects comparable to what Nanobrow created. Without doubt, Nanobrow is the best eyebrow serum owing to which:

  • my eyebrows are now regenerated, I can see them growing faster than they used to
  • my brow ridges look definitely better, they are full, darker and thicker
  • I spend less time on applying makeup because now I can skip the brows
  • I’m always sure that my brows look flawless and natural.

What can you achieve with Nanobrow eyebrow serum?

To me, this is the best eyebrow serum which aided me in bringing back my naturally beautiful brows. Also, it saved me from permanent makeup. To say more, I think that my Nanobrow-enhanced brows look far better than they did prior to the treatment. I can’t remember them being so thick, dark and lustrous. Amazing!

How is it possible that Nanobrow works so well? This is an effective eyebrow serum that starts its beneficial action form the inside. It’s absorbed quickly to nourish the follicles. This is why eyebrow hairs are encouraged to grow stronger and faster.

The effects delivered by Nanobrow are owed to three aspects:

  1. INGREDIENTS – this is an eyebrow serum with simple composition that luckily lacks parabens and other potentially damaging substances such as aroma compounds. Instead, this eyebrow enhancer is enriched with plant extracts (ginseng, Baikal skullcap, soy sprouts, wheat sprouts) and agents that encourage eyebrows to grow, prevent their thinning and revitalize (e.g. panthenol, arginine, glycerin).
  2. APPLICATOR – the serum comes with a curved sponge applicator. This aids in applying the serum easily and quickly. Also, the applicator picks up the optimal portion of serum to supply one eyebrow with nutrients. It goes without saying that you must glide the applicator along both brows – you know it, right?
  3. CONSISTENCY – the thing that makes Nanobrow stand out is its consistency: it penetrates fast, is fragrance-free and colorless, stays in the place where you apply it, it doesn’t clump brow hairs and starts positively affecting the follicles and skin right after being absorbed.

Thanks to the three features, Nanobrow eyebrow serum isn’t only effective but also super easy to use. I’m not kidding. I’m sure that each one of you wipes off her makeup in the evening, don’t you? So, once removed, you can reach for Nanobrow tube and before going to sleep apply the serum. That’s all. You can expect the eyebrow serum to do the work while you sleep. Day by day you will be noticing how beautiful your face is becoming. Soon you will say goodbye to all your brow pencils.

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