No More Post-Acne Marks Thanks to Nanoil Vitamin C Face Serum!

favourite face serum with vitamin C Nanoil

I’d like to share my skin care discovery of the year with you! It’s a Nanoil Face Serum. Do you realize the benefits of vitamin C for the face skin? If not, you must keep reading! With the post’s hero, I finally managed to remove all pigmentation marks!

I’ll briefly share my story. I used to suffer from acute acne. With a dermatologist’s assistance, I cured this bothersome condition. Unfortunately I was left with awful scars. They persisted for years so I finally made a decision to get a laser treatment done. All home remedies failed. This was when my friend told me about a vitamin C serum. I didn’t believe it would help but I thought I had nothing to lose. I went for it and… vitamin C therapy turned out to be a cure for my acne scars!

Which vitamin C face serum to choose?

I browsed through different stores and brands, and came across Nanoil. I love their hair masks so I gave the serum a try too. After analyzing the ingredient list, I figured it would work well on my complexion. The formula is free from unnecessary additives and alcohols, which was the thing I loved the most.

How did I get rid of post-acne marks with Nanoil Vitamin C Face Serum?

A type of vitamin C made it possible. Nanoil Serum contains 3-O Ethyl Ascorbic Acid which shows incredible effectiveness but also gentleness on the most sensitive skins. It is much better for fighting hyperpigmentation than other types. Ethyl Ascorbic Acid blocks the production of melanin, preventing discoloration. It enhances the dermis and brightens the face for an even skin tone. Remember that regular application is essential to get fantastic results. The skin looks better and healthier after a few uses.

How do I use my vitamin C serum?

I treat my skin to a vitamin C boost every single day in the morning, after a cleanser and flower water. I don’t use too much because four drops are fully enough. I always apply an SPF-rich moisturizer once the serum is absorbed. I’m ready to go! Just one small step added to my skin care routine brings so many benefits. The manufacturer says evening application is also okay, but once a day works well for my skin.

recommended face serum with vitamin c Nanoil

Where to buy it?

I bought my Nanoil Serum directly from the producer on I know it’s available on other websites as well, but I like to get it there and restock my favorite hair masks.

You’re also fighting off post-acne spots? I believe Nanoil Vitamin C Face Serum is your new must-have. I guarantee you’ll love it!

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