What damages our hair?

Who wouldn’t like to have shiny, thick hair? We want our curls to look their best so we keep buying the newest hair care products not realising that, ironically, they may be the cause of the problem. We are flooded with TV and radio commercials showing another amazing shampoo that will work magic. How can we find out what is good for our hair?shiny-thick-hair

Firstly, we should educate ourselves about the harmful shampoo ingredients. Many super drug products are packed with damaging chemicals that interfere in the hair structure and scalp oil balance. If you find LS, ALS, SCS, SLeS on the label, do not buy this shampoo. We should be aware that the most dangerous ingredient SLS- sodium laureth sulphate is an artificial foaming agent, which people associate with cleaning properties. It is extremely drying for your skin and it strips the oils out of the hair and skin. To protect the natural scalp layer, skin produces even more oil. You should be careful when it comes to the conditioners as they may have similar components. Baby shampoos are usually free of any nasty things and if you want to give your hair a rest and time to rejuvenate, you should swap your ultimate Head&Shoulders for one of Jason shampoo.

Additionally, washing hair with hot or cold water makes it prone to damage. Always rinse your locks in a room temperature. After showering, untangle your hair with a wide-tooth brush and never dry your hair by rubbing it against the towel.
What is very harmful to our curls is using any heat tools on them such as a flat iron, curling wand or a dryer. Try to limit styling your hair with heat to only special occasions. Wearing an elastic band on your curls especially if they are damp breaks them and before you know you end up with unevenly, accidently layered hair. Wear your locks loose if possible, and when you need to tie your hair up, do it with special metal-free elastics. You can get it online or you can do it yourself from an elastic lace.

You can help improve your hair condition considerably. The best way, however, is taking care of it from inside out. Provide a good body and hair hydration by drinking 8 cups of pure water a day and eat water-rich fruits.

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