Cream Waterproof Eyeshadows

Would you like your make up to be intact, even when the weather condition is extreme? Many of the mascaras are already waterproof but not many eye shadows are equally durable. We like going out on the beach with the bright, intense eye make-up. We can hardly find any cosmetic companies producing good, long lasting, water resistant shadows. Bourjois is one of them. It has recently surprised its customers with a new series of the ‘Survoltee Cream Eyeshadow’ that are just perfect for a hot, sunny day.survoltee-cream-eyeshadow-bourjois

The shadow comes in a nice, squeezy 4ml tube. It has a soft, creamy texture that glides on effortlessly with fingertips. The consistency is perfect to be applied with a small eye brush for the precise eye makeup. It blends well and it can be a great base for other shadows. The colour range is a huge disappointment for those who were looking for bright ‘summer’ tones. We can find mainly beige, golden, green, and light purple shades. The shadow creates a nice, strong metallic finish ideal for a beach party but not necessarily for an everyday office look.

The eye shadow is full of light-reflective metallic pigments that will give you a truly shimmery finish. Many women try to avoid cream shadows as they do not have a good reputation when it comes to the lasting effect. The ‘Survoltee Cream Eyeshadow’ is completely different. It stays in place for over 8 hours. You can shower with it, jog or dance and it will not crease nor smudge. It is long- lasting and there is no need to apply the eye premier

The price can be compared to your Prêt-a-Manger breakfast coffee and a cookie. Unfortunately, you won’t find this product in Sephora or in any other drug store. It can only be purchased online. That may cause a problem in choosing the right colour and you have to pay for delivery. Beware of dupes and buy only in authorized shops.

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