Is it worth getting a Leave-in conditiner?

Taking care of your hair hydration should be as natural as moisturizing your skin. We all use an after shampoo conditioner but in many cases it doesn’t give you results you want. What to do if your rinse-out conditioner is too heavy for your fine hair and makes it flat? Are you a big enthusiast of washing your hair twice a week, but you still want it to be well hydrated?wavy hair

The leave-in conditioner is the lifesaver. The light formula of this product ensures that your curls are butter-soft and fizzy-free. The most popular leave-in conditioners are in a form of spray. You can find a very few that have a creamy consistency which have to be distributed with the use of your fingers or a comb. Unlike the standard lotions that we use in the shower, spray products need to be applied on dry locks in-between washes. However, if you put it on your damp hair, it works as a strong styling agent. Apart from nourishing properties, some of the leave-in conditioners protect your locks from heat damage. If you don’t like to visiting your hairdresser often, your ends tend to get fried and dry. To prevent itfrom happening, it is recommended to use a leaving conditioner at least once a week.

If you are running out of time and your hair looks matte, spray it slightly with the product and it will give your hairdo instant shine. Beware that applying too much of the conditioner can make your curls look greasy and oily. Remember: moderation is the key.

Choosing the right product should not be difficult. Drugstore shelves are stocked with all kinds of hair serums. It is important to pick a conditioner according to your hair type. Is it dry, long, curly or dyed? Each product has a different ingredient list to provide the optimal conditioning effect.

Leaving conditioner is a great product that can make your hair look fabulous. If you want to have great hair, spray conditioner isn’t a want, it’s a MUST!

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